Our Trainers

Our Trainers

  1. 10 plus years experienced master trainers.
  2. Some of them mentored by His Excellency Dr Kalam.
  3. Experts in teaching Dr Kalam’s vision.
  4. Experts in engaging the students and achieving the desired outcome.
  5. Part of the team working towards national development envisioned by Dr Kalam.

Desired Outcome

  1. Leadership skills.
  2. Better Communication skills.
  3. Empathy towards fellow human being.
  4. Entrepreneurship(economic development) skills.
  5. Value based(humanity) education.
  6. Attitude towards development of nation and the world.
  7. Setting goal of Life with a perspective towards self, society as well as Nation and the World.
  8. Fundamentals of personal evaluation (Self).
  9. Foresee Yourself  (Life & Vision).
  10. 21st-century skills (Global skills) .
  11. Mind Management(Mental Development) .
  12. Health is Wealth (Physical Development).
  13. Values for Excellence (Human values).
  14. Self Realization (See Within).
  15. What can I Give  (Social Development).
  16. Spiritual Development (Peace and Harmony).
  17. Youth as Responsible Citizens and Bharathratnas.
  18. National/World Development.

Funding Needs – Short Term

  1. Provide Liberty Training (On going).
    • Research & Development – For the continuous improvement of quality of training.
    • Training of Trainers(TOT).
    • Pay the service charges to the trainers.
  2. Website/Portal Development.
  3. Develop Content and Digitization.
  4. Use tools/technology to provide quality training.
  5. Setup Creativity Lab/Illusion Lab.
  6. Help form Liberty Clubs in the schools.

Funding Needs – Long Term

  1. Promote Liberty Schools – Work with existing schools and impart Liberty training.
  2. Office Maintenance.
    • Recruit Staff.
    • Staff Salaries.
    • Office Rent.
    • Infrastructure.
  3. Install Dr Kalam’s statue in Liberty schools.
  4. Promote Dr Kalam’s books and message via a 4 wheeler vehicle.